Covering your Tracks – 42

On 03.12.13 hard rockers Adrenaline Mob released an album of covers titled Coverta. As a covers album it’s fairly standard stuff. Seems the bulk of it is an homage to Ronnie James Dio, as there are three tracks covered that involved RJD (“Stand Up and Shout [Dio], “Kill the King” [Dio era Rainbow] and “Mob Rules” [Dio era Black Sabbath]). The band also covers Led Zeppelin, Badlands, Van Halen, The Doors, and Heart.

The band does a fine job of recreating the songs. Nothing that really changes the tracks or adds a personal stamp to ’em, tho. ‘Tis, however, a good listen, and worthy of cover collectors.

Coverta01 – High Wire (Badlands cover)
02 – Stand Up And Shout (Dio cover)
03 – Break On Through (The Doors cover)
04 – Romeo Delight (Van Halen cover)
05 – Barracuda (Heart cover)
06 – Kill The King (Rainbow cover)
07 – The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
08 – The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)

My personal favorite, and the one that, because of the vocal difference, adds a bit of an Adrenaline Mob touch, is the band’s rendition of “Barracuda.”
[ Barracuda | 04:12 | 6mb | mp3 ]


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