one and done

acroma-ondSome of the best albums in my music collection come from bands that released a single album, then… nothing. For whatever reason, no releases followed the originals, and fans were left wanting more. Even though said bands didn’t create any new music, the music they left us with is great. That a few people got together and created this art is great in and of itself, and if they choose to regroup and release more in the future, I’ll be one of the first in line.

One such band is Acroma.

The band originally formed in the late 1990s under the name “No Release”. The band consisted of Jeremy Stanley on vocals, Brian Christensen on guitar, Tom Collins on bass and Joshua Zirbel on drums. Initially the band spent the late 1990s and early 2000s building up a local following in Salt Lake City, Utah. During this time, the band managed to self-release a three-song demo, and get a song on a local unsigned band compilation album. [..]

After signing with Universal Records, the band was renamed as “Acroma”. The band entered the studio with producer Sylvia Massy, producer of Tool’s first album Undertow in 1993. [..] The album, Orbitals, was delayed over a year due to issues with the record label, but was finally released on May 6, 2003. The released two songs as singles “Sun Rises Down” and “Wash Away (Some Desert Night)” to radio. They received National radio play on stations around the country, and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s “Octane” station and charted on the Mediabase active rock chart peaking at No. 39. As a result of the lack of sales for the album, the band was dropped from their record label, and quietly broke up.

While one can hear the influence of Massy, and her previous work, Acroma’s Orbitals is a gem of an album, combining multiple genres to create an alt.rock album that is full of great music, meaningful lyrics, and an overall positive vibe.

Here’s a couple of tracks to tickle your earholes.

[ Sun Rises Down | 04:13 | 7mb | mp3 ]

[ Wash Away (Some Desert Night) | 04:40 | 7.5mb | mp3 ]

Acroma – Orbitals
Acroma - Orbitals Careless Ones (Intro)
Sun Rises Down
Wash Away (Some Desert Night)
Don’t Think Just Move
Big Karma Now
Distance [hidden track]
On That Day
Slow Down
Take the Pain
[ get it ]

I’ll post more single release bands from me collection soon.


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