Mustasch Metal

mustasch band Mustasch is a Swedish band formed in 1998. After forming, they recorded and released a smattering of songs through various record labels. In 2001 they hooked up with a bigger label and released their first official EP, “True Sound of the New West.” Since then they’ve been fairly prolific in creating new music, releasing 7 albums, 2 EPs and a live album. As to the name Mustasch, its a stoner metal/rock band, what else would you call it?

They chose the name Mustasch because many of their musical heroes had moustaches; such as Freddie Mercury from Queen and Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. – Wikipedia


All of the albums contain a couple of duds. Every album also has at least one, and on a couple of albums two, absolutely brilliant songs that highlight the band’s range, and show they are more than simply a “Stoner Metal” band. The rest of the music on the albums is solid stoner rock/metal. The stuff you listen to when you’re staring at your hand, reading a book or whatever you people do when you’re high. I read a book. Well, I hold a book and drift off to… somewhere.

Of the brilliant tracks, ‘6:36’ from the album RatSafari is my favorite.

Not to be a (languagist? language nazi? pedantic asshole?), but the earlier albums suffered just a bit from heavy accents. I mean, I’m glad they chose to go with English vocals, but broken English and heavy accents can kinda take some people out of the song(s). With their latest release, Thank You for the Demon, while the accents are noticeable, they aren’t distracting, and the flow of lyrics is more cohesive.

Thank You for the Demon brings us a Mustasch that has matured– musically, lyrically and vocally. It is still “Stoner Metal,” but its a strain that makes you slightly hyper, contemplative, and ready to get shit done with a goddamn kick-ass soundtrack. What a good buzz should feel like.

Mustasch, Thank You for the Music. Rock the fuck on.

Here’s the title track from Thank You for the Demon:

mustasch_tyftd_cov01. Feared And Hated
02. Thank You For The Demon
03. From Euphoria To Dystopia
04. The Mauler
05. Borderline
06. All My Life
07. Lowlife Highlights
08. I Hate To Dance
09. Don’t Want To Be Who I Am


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