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Out of Your Mouth Out of Your Mouth is a project of prolific Canadian band-creator and music maker, Jason Darr (we’ll have another Darr project in the O&D posts soon). The band released their debut, and only, album Draghdad in 2004. The album had minor success with a cover of Madonna’s “Music.” Creative differences, and members leaving left OOYM no more. Thankfully, they left Draghdad to remember them by.

It’s no surprise Draghdad didn’t have commercial success (aside from the one song already popularized by Madonna), it isn’t a commercial rock album. It isn’t all that radio friendly, it just isn’t. Laying somewhere between batshit mania and electro-industrial-alternative-to-the-alternative hard rock, Draghdad is a giant goddamn ball of fun. Radio would only ruin that, IMO. Even if radio was afraid of it, you shouldn’t be. You should grab it, put it on your preferred listening device, and crank the shit out of it.

Start with these;

[ Bla Bla Bla | 03:11 | 4.4mb | mp3 ]
[ Beautiful When You’re Mad | 0:34 | 4.9mb | mp3 ]

draghdad01. Kaboom
02. Bla Bla Bla
03. Beautiful When You’re Mad
04. Thanks For Nothing
05. Music
06. Crime Pays
07. I’m Ugly
08. Bug
09. Wank
10. Last Day Alive
11. Stray
12. The Dream
13. Hidden Track

You can grab Draghdad from amazon, stream a bit of it from Grooveshark, & possibly find it in the usual (wink, wink) places.
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