Covering Your Tracks – 48

The other day a Twitter friend posted a song I hadn’t heard in a long, long time. Which then led me down a rabbit-hole of other songs I hadn’t heard in a while. One such song was “Lunatic Fringe” by Red Rider. It is a good song. (As an side, it is fucking weird to me that, after not hearing a song for 22 years, you can listen to it again, and know every word. The brain is wild, man). So, because I love ’em, I wanted to see if anyone had covered the track. Turns out, a few folks did.

Lunatic Fringe is a “Oh, that’s That Song by That Band” type track. You know it. It is unique to its time, and is distinct enough in sound that covering it, without changing it would be pointless. It would only sound like a knockoff original. You gotta add something. Enter, Cross Solder (it doesn’t appear there’s been much Cross Solder action since 2015).

They do, what this listener thinks, a pretty good job of keeping the original structure, but add some serious weight, and a subtle twang to the track. The end result is true to the original, but adds something modern.

Listen up;