finnetdentME: I am Xero, in other places known as xeromachine, schemata-69, or jdominion. I am 40something, liberal, a metalhead, and, some say, a smart-ass. I am also the father of two twenty-somethings (both of whom graduating have graduated high school, with one in college), and a the husband of Angela. When not online I am a househusband, keeping up house for the greatest wife in ever, and cleaning up after 2 cats and a dog. I am a blue guy in the very red state of Oklahoma (save me!). And finally, I am a Master Procrastinator.

BLOG: This blog will consist mostly of posts about the music I like. Littered amongst the music posts will be left-leaning rants, posts about digital art, teevee and other stuff. As to the name “tomorrow factory;” This site (and being online in general) is my tomorrow factory. There are any number of things I should be doing in the meat world, but they can wait until tomorrow. As I mentioned, I’m a Master Procrastinator.

NOTICE: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine, and mine alone. They do not necessarily reflect those of my employer, landlord, or any other entity that may get their feelings hurt, or find reason to clutch their pearls, by reading said views and opinions.

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