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Covering Your Tracks – 46

In a previous CYT, I mentioned traveling to my grandparents house. We’d go every weekend, leaving for the 2 hour drive on Friday, just as the sun was setting. As a small kid I pretty much had what seemed like a huge backseat to myself. It probably seemed huge because it was huge. Have you seen 70s model cars?

As it turned full dark, I’d stretch out on the back seat and listen to tires running over ground, my parents mumbled conversations and the radio, usually WLS out of Chicago. I’m pretty sure you could pick up WLS on the moon. It was AM radio in the 70s, so I got to hear a lot of Top 40 shit like “Afternoon Delight,” “Blinded by the Light,” and the like. I also got to hear the first single I ever begged my parents to buy, Jackson Browne’s “Runnin’ On Empty” from the album of the same name. I loved that song. I still do.

I really love this cover of it by Bob Schneider (it’s from a live performance in Austin, TX. A studio version will be on a forthcoming Jackson Browne tribute album);

Speaking of Bob Schneider, go check out his stuff. The guy is a genius. Hip-hop, rock, blues; the guy genre-hops like a rabbit in a sunny meadow– with grace, agility and a natural instinct.

here’s the magic original version;