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They’re all Sybil

A comment over at tbogg‘s place sums up the Tea Party/GOP alliance rather nicely.

Arguing about what “The Republicans” should learn from “The Tea Party” is like arguing about what Sybil’s quite, bookish personality should learn from her more visibly crazy, violent one.

No matter how many little clumps of dupes FOX and Glenn Beck can generate to stand around with signs, it’s all just Sally Field using different voices.

Bolding mine. With all apologies to the lovely, talented Sally Field. :)


i’m not sure that’s right

Here’s a picture of the local Republican Party HQ. Do you, like me, get a chuckle out of the fact that they have the giant gun pointed right at the building?

I’m not sure what its supposed to say about the local R’s, but it seems like the message is… off somehow.

its good to be a conservative

GOS diarist Grumpy Young Man tells us why he’s become a conservative. Here are a few reasons;

1. Being a conservative means I can be selfish and not feel bad about it.

2. Being a conservative means all the problems of the world can be attributed to liberals.

3. Being a conservative means I never have to acknowledge flaws in my philosophy.

4. Being a conservative means anything a Democrat does is bad.

5. Being a conservative means any bad thing I do is either justified or the work of somebody who isn’t really a true conservative anyway.

6. Being a conservative means I root for failure when it punishes a liberal and reward failure if it is profitable for fellow conservatives.

7. Being a true conservative means I’m more worried about protecting a definition than I am protecting the rights of Americans.

8. Being a conservative means I never have to try to solve any problems in the government because I insist government is the problem anyway.

9. Being a conservative means I lay off workers to boost profits then complain about lazy unemployed people.

10. Being conservative means I am staunchly pro-life and will put a bullet through the eyes of any liberal who challenges that.

There are 20 more reasons in his diary at DailyKos.

fvcking frauds

Taking “i was for it before I was against it before…” to new heights;

The republicans aren’t saying no out of principle, they have no principles.

in addition…About my post’s title (which was ‘fvcking hypocrites’); I just saw a post elsewehere- Stop Calling Republicans Hypocrites, and the author has a point;

It’s not that Republicans aren’t hypocrites – it’s more that the label just isn’t an effective dig. First, hypocrite is a fancy foreign Greek word like amnesty, ethics or Europe – how is that going to appeal to Republicans? Second, espousing virtues you don’t personally have to live up is basically the point of being a Republican.
..using the word “hypocrite” should really be stopped altogether. It’s become a meaningless insult like “Nazi,” “bias,” or “environmentalist.” It actually has some spray back onto its user anyway. Basically pointing out someone is a hypocrite makes you sound like an angsty emo tween. It’s a word we learn in junior high to apply to grownups.

Instead of “hypocrite” I recommend the word “fraud.” It sounds bad. Fraud is illegal. Fraud is immoral. And it’s an accurate way of describing hypocrisy without sounding like an irate Justin Bieber fan.

Okay, title changed. And yes, they are frauds.

Whatever it is, it aint good

I want to expand on a comment I made over at Laffy’s place, on her post titled, “What is happening to this country?” My comment;

Yeah, we are angry. Come November a certain amount of fellow citizens are going to vote republican, against their own interests as well as the greater interest of the United States, and despite reams of evidence attesting to the failure of republican policies. Some of these same fellow citizens are seething with hatred based on illusions created by immoral people with a greedy, selfish agenda. They are basted in fear, afraid of things that simply do not exist. And everyday they are presented with another lie, another new group/thing to fear and/or hate.

That makes me angry, yes, but mostly just sad.

My comment was in reply to this;

Unlawful behavior is all I’m angry about. Get a clue, pay attention and stop with the race bating. Have you really, really analyzed what’s going on here? Why are you so opposed to following the law? Of course people are volunteering to help uphold the law. Thats what real Americans do. You’d be angry too if you realized your country was being ripped out from underneath you and your fellow citizens were helping.

I’m not certain what his comment was referring to, but I assume it was regarding the AZ law supporters going to AZ to lend support. What it was in regards to is really beside the point, though. The comment was a testament to my reply. The whole “your country was being ripped out from underneath you” spew is par for the course, and based entirely on fear proffered up by conservative spokespeople and members of the conservative polity. The reality is that if anyone is damaging this country, it is the Ultra conservatives and their propagandist enablers in the media. Their constant vitriol and “othering” of this POTUS and liberals in general makes discourse nearly impossible. Without intelligent discourse, this country is doomed.

So, yeah, that shit makes me angry. Angry that almost 30% of our fellow citizens are making voting decisions without the benefit of truth or facts. Angry that there exists an entire media complex dedicated to lying to their viewers/listeners/readers. Angry that hyperbole (there are no death panels, the president was born in the USA, the president is not hitler, the president doesn’t favor black people over white people, the NBPP only has like 7 members, and sharia law is not coming to America, etc ad nauseam) rules the day with these folks. Angry that the serious views and opinions and policy discussions by people on the left get very little attention in any traditional media outlets (save for 3 hrs on MSNBC and a couple of bloggers at the WaPo) because the media are terrified of being called liberal. Angry that, to borrow from driftglass, the left was fucking right about Reaganomics, was right about the damage Bush would do, was right about the Iraq war, and yet the left still gets treated like bratty children by the Tradmed. Angry that the most egregious lies, and the most ridiculously false statements made by republicans/conservatives are treated with respect, while liberal counterpoints refuting these lies are treated with disdain.

A person can only hold on to so much anger, though, and there comes a time when it is just too tiring to maintain. And when the anger dissipates, what’s left is a profound sadness. Despite this sadness, however, whatever is happening in our Country, it aint good, but it is something we have to fight back against however we can.

and we’ll take your handbasket too

Ugh, some grim jobs news today. The Obama administration and every Democrat in congress should be working their asses off on one thing, and one thing only; jobs. When they are in their home states/districts over the summer recess, they should be telling everyone how republican policies and obstructionism are big reasons why there are no jobs. When they are on the floor, they should be telling deficit hawks in congress, and their few loud-mouthed minions in the Republican tea party; “fuck the deficit. When people can feed their children, when people can stay in their homes, when people have jobs, we can talk about the deficit.”

Unfortunately, republican obstructionism makes passing anything like a jobs bill or second stimulus that would actually help Americans, unlikely. What republicans in congress are doing is transparently obvious. And sickening. And pisses you off. Deliberately throwing a wrench into the economy, to derail recovery in order to then blame democrats so they can win elections, is abhorrent, and proves that all republicans care about is who will give them more money, and holding the government purse strings. Contrary to their screeching, they don’t give a flying fuck about deficits either, they just want the money to go to their wealthy masters. And war, always more war. And for persecuting the scary “other” du jour.

What’s even more abhorrent, though, and what can make a person lose all hope, is the fact that the economy could be a lot stronger than it is without any more government involvement. Private enterprise in this country is sitting on 1.8 trillion dollars. 1.8 trillion fucking dollars.

The Federal Reserve recently reported that America’s 500 largest nonfinancial companies have accumulated an astonishing $1.8 trillion of cash on their balance sheets. By any calculation (for example, as a percentage of assets), this is higher than it has been in almost half a century. Yet most corporations are not spending this money on new plants, equipment or workers. Were they to loosen their purse strings, hundreds of billions of dollars would start pouring through the economy. These investments would probably have greater effect and staying power than a government stimulus.

All because the poor, persecuted CEOs think the POTUS is a big meanie for wanting to regulate their greed, and also he has no CEOs in his Cabinet.

So, on one hand we have a government unable to boost, or even sustain recovery because they are hamstrung by a party dedicated to destroying the economy, and on the other, private enterprise that could inject the economy with tons of cash, sparking job-creating economic activity, but won’t because the president hurt their fee-fees. None of them seem to give a shit about the millions of real people suffering as a result of their pettiness and uber-partisanship. This stinginess of the private sector should raise alarms as well. At any time, now or in the future, if the corporations don’t like who We the People elect, they can just turn off the tap, snow us all with a little media-enabled PR about how its all “President X and his cohorts in Congress’ fault,” and hold the economy hostage until someone more to their tastes is elected. And, thanks to Citizens United the corporations can spend as much money as they want getting them elected.

Almost makes one wonder if politics is even real anymore, or worth the time. We live in a country where one of the political parties is telling Americans to “go to hell,” and CEOs are saying “and we’ll take your handbasket too,” because they don’t want us to be too comfortable on the way down.