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Covering Your Tracks – 41

Since its been a while, today I offer up a double-shot of CYT.

link goes to AmazonFirst up, if you’ve never heard the Nancy Sinatra track “These Boots Are Made for Walking,” you’ve been on on island with no electricity for 60 years, and you’ve missed a great “fuck you” song. If you have heard it, and wished it could be infused with a bit of Glam-, with a dash of industrial-y metal, I’ve got something for you. From Faster Pussycat’s The Power and the Glory Hole (heh), a glam/industrialized “These Boots Are Made for Walking:
[ These Boots Were Made for Walkin | 03:35 | 5mb | mp3 ]

crease only humanUp second, a cover by the alt.rock band Crease. The closing track on the band’s 2004 release Only Human is a cover of Def Leppard’s “Too Late for Love.” Its probably hard to cover such a monster hit, and do it justice, but Crease manages. They don’t really change the structure of it, but it does sound a little more 21st century, and a little heavier than the original.
[ Too Late for Love | 04:41 | 6.7mb | mp3 ]

Covering Your Tracks – 40

If you’re a child of the 80s like me, you’ll remember when MTV was an acronym for “Music Television” instead of “Meh TV.” One of the first videos in heavy rotation was Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer.” It is an iconic video, for an iconic track:

Now, let’s imagine what the track would sound like if it were released 10 years later, and written by a grunge band (something like Alice in Chains). Hungarian alt/nu metal band Ad Astra released Open Wide in 2012, and on it they cover “Sledgehammer” in just such a way. The horns are replaced by heavy, ribcage rattling guitars, and the vocals are redone in Alice in Chains grungy harmony. Its the kind of cover I love, one that changes the song, and the mind’s image of the song.

If you’re interested in hearing more from Ad Astra, you can download Open Wide, and their previous release, Crust of Ego, (with a cover of U2’s “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me”) free from their website.

covering your tracks – 39

Thrash Metallers Testament have a new release out, “Dark Roots of the Earth.” It is what you expect from Testament, heavy thrash. Included on the release are a few cover tunes, a Queen track, an Iron Maiden track and my fave, Scorpions’ ‘Animal Magnetism.’

Most people know the Scorps’ “Animal Magnetism” album from the track ‘The Zoo,’ but the title song was, to me, underestimated, and is the best song on the album.

Testament give it a touch of thrash-mean, and add about 2 tons to an already heavy song.
[ Animal Magnetism | 05:55 | 12mb | mp3 ]

Covering Your Tracks – 38

Cherri Bomb is an all-girl band that shares a name with another all-girl band’s (the Runaways) song.

They’re already being called one of the hottest up-and-coming bands to come out of L.A. This summer, they were the youngest band to play some of the biggest European festivals: Oxegen, Sonisphere, T In the Park, Reading and Leeds among others, and opened for the Foo Fighters in Cologne, Germany, where they played in front of 15,000 people

Here they are covering Foo Fighters’ The Pretender:

You can stream their debut EP “Stark” at purevolume.

Covering Your Tracks – 37

Almost everyone knows the Lynyrd Skynyrd track “Sweet Home Alabama.” Its a classic rock staple, and one of the first tunes a budding guitar player learns. It is a great track that’d be hard to cover without ruining it.

The German band Bonfire covered “Sweet Home Alabama” for their 1999 album Fuel To the Flames. They managed to stay pretty true to the song, while beefing up the guitars and giving it the vocals you’d expect from a German metal band. All-in-all a decent cover.

[ Bonfire – Sweet Home Alabama | 04:09 | 5.77mb | mp3 ]

Covering Your Tracks – 36

When the wife and I first tied the knot, we used to take road trips to her biological father’s place in Missouri. His name was Jack (may he RIP), and he was a musician. He’d played on big stages in Vegas, and in corners in small town bars. I even had the pleasure of playing guitar along with him on a couple of occasions.

Most of the time I would accompany him on the Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See.” A great song. A great drinking song. And we did a lot of drinking.

Black Stone Cherry‘s latest, Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea, which drops on 31 May, includes a cover of “Can’t You See,” and it is a crackin’ one. The track has been rearranged, and beefed up with that BSC country rock sound. Different? Yes. Better? Mmmm, no. Good? Hell yes. And it did bring back some truly fond memories of Summers in Missouri.
[ Can’t You See | 03:33 | 6.7mb | mp3 ]

the original: