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one and done, 3

atom-ondOne and Done is a collection of posts exploring the bands from my music library that have, for whatever reason, released only one album. This time we are going to take a look at 2004’s The Crash of ’47, the lone release of the band Atomship.

Back in 2005 or 2006 last.fm introduced me to Atomship and Crash.. via the “similar bands” function. I was hooked immediately. At the time P2P sharing was all the rage, and I thought I’d try to get in on some of that. No luck. Dead seeds, fakes, virus infested zip files, all thwarted my efforts to procure this fucking awesome album. Finally I broke down and bought it.

What set this record apart is that it was different than the cookie-cutter nu-metal flooding the zone at the time. The Crash of ’47 is emotionally charged, the music is heavy, and feels urgent, sometimes almost desperate, and its filled with super/para-normal references (it is after all, named after the famous Roswell crash).

I don’t know why Acroma or keddaH split after the one release, but I have a theory about Atomship. I think once they were done, and listening to the final product, the band members were all like, “well, we’re boned. there’s no way we’ll ever top that.” Could be, because it is nearly flawless. In reality? the band could never get, or stay, on the same page. Some members quit the biz, and others went on to other projects, including Papercut Massacre.

Though Atomship didn’t go on to create more music, they at least left us with The Crash of ’47, and for that I, for one, am damn grateful.

Here’s some sample listening (the 1st is my favorite track, and the 2nd is the promoted single from the album):

[ Mothra | 05:26 | 8.7mb | mp3 ]
[ Pencil Fight | 03:36 | 6mb | mp3 ]

 Atomship – The Crash of ’47:
atomship - the crash of '47 1. Day of Daze
2. Mothra
3. Dragonfly
4. Pencil Fight
5. Withered
6. Agent Orange
7. Time for People
8. Aliens
9. Whitifield
10. Friends
11. Plastic People

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Free Music Good..

..good music free is even better. I’ve posted about a couple of bands on this blog that offer some of their music for free; Dramatic Sin‘s first two eps are available free from Jamendo, Another Vertigo Rush who offers their album Murphy’s Law for download, and Battling Delirium offers 2 albums free as well (after a quick signup).

I thought I’d let you know of a couple more artists who have music to share for free;

Kieth Merrow, technical metal guitar wizard, who just released his third album Awaken the Stone King (which I’ll be posting on shortly), offers his first two releases, Lonestar Transcend and The Arrival gratis. Just hit the downloads page and scroll down.

Another generous artist, Joseph Kenyon, the genius behind Runined Machines furnishes all his tunes for love and no money. Just hit the Music link and click Download Now.

These are great artists who do what they do for the love of music, and present their art for no charge because they want to spread that love. If they decide to start charging, and who can begrudge them that, then they’ve a built in fanbase ready to buy. In the meantime, though, thanks awesome musicians for the great music.

Anyway, go, grab this great music whilst its still free. :)

Covering Your Tracks – 28

The song “21st Century Schizoid Man” was first recorded in 1969 by King Crimson for their debut In the Court of the Crimson King. It has since been covered numerous times, most notable by April Wine and Ozzy.

It was recently covered re-recorded by King Crimson founding member Robert Fripp with Tool/A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan providing vocals. The song is the first track released from the forthcoming The Human Experimente album Dreaming in Exile. The Human Experimente is project conceived of by Robert Fripp and soundtrack architect Jeff Fayman, and the music will not be bound to any particular genre;

The songs presented by The Human Experimente … will have no specific agenda, style or thematic genre. Instead, they are simply meant to be listened to on an individual basis purely predicated upon the merit of each song itself.
The styles of the songs that will be included within the first compilation from The Human Experimente (slated for early 2010) will range from intensely dramatic industrial rock, to beautifully melodic– and almost operatic– themes.

While its technically not a cover, since Fripp was one of the original artists, Keenan’s addition and obvious influence over the direction the re-recording took, makes it one in my book.

You can judge for yourself, but you have to admit, either way, that its a transcendent track and should be re-released every few years or so, just because its awesome.
[ 21st Century Schizoid Man | 03:45 | 7.98 | mp3 ]

Battling Delirium

Comedian Bill Hicks (RIP) said something in one of his bits to the effect of “If you think drugs are bad, go, now, throw away every rock album you own.” His point was that drugs, especially natural ones, and ones that serve a greater purpose than just ‘getting high’ have contributed greatly to society, and in particular, music.

LSD and Mary Jane were the inspiration/catalyst for the music of Battling Delirium, an Alabama, USA based band.

Inspired by the acidic levity of LSD and the coughs from the forever-growing Mother Mary Jane, Battling Delirium was born in 1998.

The sound is psychedelic progressive rock at its “inspired” finest. Really, though, the band describe themselves better than I can;

Battling Delirium is a mind altering powerhouse with progressive rock and classic rock influences. Drawing on their various musical, artistic and cultural backgrounds, Battling Delirium have truly reinvented ear candy for the masses.

I’ve been trying for a while to think of a way to write about Battling Delirium without mentioning the band that starts with “T” and rhymes with “cool,” but the similarities are there. This takes nothing away from Battling Delirium as a musical enterprise. The music is still masterful art, especially through headphones. It is a journey in and of itself; a trip if you will.

Thus far the band has released 2 albums, 2007’s Naturaldelia and 2008’s Locust, both of which you can download free from the official site (after a quick 30 second sign-up).

Battling Delirium now provides all albums FREE of charge to you wonderful listeners.Well, the MP3 albums are free…CDs cost money to make, so if you are one of those geriatric types that still collects CDs you’ll have to buy from Amazon. All albums come complete with tracks and artwork.

While the music is no longer free, it is well worth the $7 a pop (from bandcamp) to buy all of the albums!

So if you like progressive rock/metal with an understated experimental vibe, and killer, thought-provoking lyrics, and what the fuck I’ll just say it, sound a lot like Tool, go, grab em while they last. As always I’ll give you a hit from each to get you started;

[ From Naturaldelia – Chakra | 07:18 | 7.86mb | mp3 ]

[ From Locust – Lucy Don’t Give a Fuck | 03:42 | 6.53mb | mp3 ]