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america, fvck yeah

So, other than arson, more arson, bricks through windows, vandalism, people pissing on their prayer mats and a pipe bomb, Muslims are being treated well here.

Ahhh, what a country. Really, though, these Muslims should have more sensitivity and not build their houses of worship 2 blocks 800 miles 3000 miles from ground zero in the United States.

Thanks Liz, Sarah and Newt for Keeping America Safe Scared!

a republican i almost agree with

A GOPer in Louisiana made some statements recently that I kind of agree with. A little anyway. Here’s a bit of what Rep John Fleming (R-LA) said;

We are either going to go down the socialist road and become like western Europe and create, I guess really a godless society, an atheist society. Or we’re going to continue down the other pathway where we believe in freedom of speech, individual liberties and that we remain a Christian nation. So we’re going to have to win that battle, we’re going to have to solve that argument before we can once again reach across and work together on things.

I agree with the sentiment that bipartisanship is futile. It used to be that party differences were settled through compromise for the good of The People. Now, one party, the Democratic one (in theory anyway), is still dedicated to working for the good of The People, while the republican party, and their ultra-con sugar-daddies, is dedicated to corporate profits and oppression/demonization of non-white, non-christian citizens. Oh, and cutting taxes. Because cutting taxes creates magic ponies creates jobs. Even though the Bush tax cuts have been in effect for 10 years and haven’t created any jobs.

While I may agree with a bit of Fleming’s sentiment, Mr. Fleming is a fucking moron. His statement that we “remain” a “christian nation” is antithetical to the rest of that statement about Freedom of Speech. It is also par-for-the-course conservative revisionist history. We are not now, and have never been a “christian nation.” The Constitution the Teapartiers and their conservative masters are always crowing about (but apparently never read) IS a secular document . No religious test, freedom of religion etc..

Until the right purges itself of crazy people like this Fleming ass, and the Sharrron Angles, the Sarah Palins and the Newt Gingrichs, Mr. Fleming is right; there will be no working across the aisle. You can’t work with people on important issues when one party is not acting/thinking/behaving rationally, or working for the benefit of The People.

first, learn spelling

[EDIT – 08.28.10.. I’ve removed the photo that was originally posted (complete with copyright info/watermark intact and credit to shooter) because the shooter thought it “in poor taste” or was mad that I used profanity (see comments). The photo pictured a sign held by one of the attendents of a rally in NYC against Park51, an Islamic community center (funded in part by Fox “News'” second largest shareholder) 2 blocks from the former WTC site. The sign reads; “Declare Obama and Bloomberg Impechment R Guiliani for Mayor of NY.”]

All kinds ‘o stupid here. First, they can’t even be bothered to learn the proper spelling of “impeachment.” Second, they actually want Guiliani back. And lastly, they want to “impech” the President and Mayor Bloomberg for… doing their job, and defending the Constitution. The same Constitution these ignorant fuckers constantly accuse Mr. Obama of violating. Maybe they just don’t know that the First Amendment is part of the Constitution too.

Freedom is hard ain’t it, morons?

don’t get out of the boat

Yesterday, during my usual trip through my blogroll, I got out of the boat (leaving the article you are reading, to read the linked material and comments), and, as happens sometimes when one gets out of the boat, I regretted it. One of the places was one of Andrew Breitbart’s slimy BigSomethings. The article was another wingnut Muslim bashing screed, and it was bad, but the comments were absolutely disgusting.

It was like reading a Hitler-era message board. Any and all manner of things were said to the effect of “get rid of all the Muslims.” Final-solutionists who want to “get rid of” an entire group pf people. The whole thing is just so fucking sad. They are so myopic in their vision that they fail to realize that if they get their wish, and the group of people they want gone are gone, they could be next. Also, none of the commentariat seems to have read the First Amendment.

I wont go back, not because I’m scared, or have no faith in my argument, but because they won’t listen, and because the things they say are truly sickening. They’ve made up their minds that ALL Muslims are evil terrorists. So, my inbox will probably fill with replies I won’t answer directly. I will give a little food for thought here, though.

To those who like to lump all Muslim-Americans in with terrorists, who like to claim that just by being a Muslim, you are an enemy of America, please know; There are Muslim Law Enforcement officers and Muslim firefighters protecting you, there are Muslim doctors saving your lives, and there are, and were, Muslim soldiers, who have sworn to protect and defend your Constitutional right to shower them with hate and bigoted vitriol. They fought and died to defend the Constitutional protections you seek to deny them.

The irony is, those of you who that wish to deny these American citizens rights because of their religion, are on the same side of the argument as bin Laden– he hates these moderate American Muslims too.

people say dumb things

Of the myriad stupid arguments anti-gay folks use to deny fellow citizens equal rights, one strikes me as the dumbest;

It is impossible to respect everyone’s rights without destroying those of others. For example, the rights of gays to marry interferes with the rights of others to religious freedom and freedom of speech.

That is from the comments section at CNN. The sentiment isn’t new, though, and the argument has been used time and time again. Its just, well.. fucking stupid. When LGBT folks finally have their equal rights affirmed, the person that wrote the above comment, as well as all those that think like him/her, will be affected in exactly zero ways. It certainly won’t affect their First Amendment rights;

Religious Freedom : They will still be able to go to church. They will still be able to worship as they see fit, when they see fit. Gay people getting married is irrelevant to their church-going or worshiping habits. If they mean they will be prohibited from discriminating against fellow citizens, well, yes and no. If they are a church pastor/father/whatever, and do not want their church to marry two gay persons, they shouldn’t. As a church they have every right (unless they receive federal monies, in which case they would be barred from discriminating against gay couples, and the same would go for state monies wherein the state has anti-discrimination laws including LGBT folks) . Just as the one next door has the right to agree to marry two gay people. If they mean in the course of doing business outside of the church, and they want to deny a couple catering services because gay marriage is contrary to their beliefs, they are free to deny said couple. And, said couple is free to go to the next caterer, whom, I’m sure, will be glad to take the couple’s money. Finally, if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married. No one will be forcing you to.

Freedom of Speech: This is the dumbest of the two. The anti-gay folks spew all the hate they want now, and when LGBT folks finally have the same rights as heteros, that won’t change. They will still be able to hate. They’ll just look even more like assholes doing it.

Biblical/Christianity based arguments against equality are meaningless. The law, The Constitution, is secular, and recognizes no religion, or religious viewpoint. Just because their religion tells them something is wrong, does not make it wrong. The right to marry being granted to LGBT people does not remove anyone else’s rights. At all. To say otherwise is silly, to actually think otherwise is just plain dumb.

free speech in glennbeckistan

One of Glenn Beck’s cult members complained to a library about a book, and the library removed it.

A public library in Burlington County, New Jersey has ordered all of the copies of “Revolutionary Voices: A Multicultural Queer Youth Anthology” removed from circulation, after a member of Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project complained about the book’s content.

What bullshit. Just think about life under the rule of Beckish politicians. What books would Beckolytes like removed next? Books about Thomas Jefferson? Books by, and/or about President Obama? The Dictionary?

The book was removed by the library because Beck’s 9/12er minion says that it contained “child pornography.” Apparently those words scared the library board;

“The Commission ultimately supported the decision to remove “Revolutionary Voices” from circulation, though “no official challenge” was made, and “no actual vote by the commissioners” was taken, according to Sweet’s emails. The reasoning was that the book constituted “child pornography.””

Free Speech used to matter. To a lot of us it still does. There are a lot of books in my local library I do not like, ie; any book praising Reagan or GW Bush. I, however, don’t run into the library to whine about it and ask that they remove it. I just DON”T FUCKING READ IT. If I find a book offensive I just DON”T FUCKING READ IT. Also, unlike this 9/12er moron, don’t presume to make reading decisions for other parents/people.

In order for this country to survive, to grow, to move forward, people like Beck and his 9/12 cult need to be stomped into a puddle of goo. The fact that the 9/12ers have a talk show host, and an entire network dedicated to their 1800s view of America, makes one voice very, very loud. So loud that it takes more of us to counter the few of them. But it is something we MUST do.

Let the library know that you value free speech, and will not stand by while a loud, pseudo-moral minority dictates what the majority can read. This isn’t Glennbeckistan, and free speech matters.