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calvin and hobbes: the movie

Saw this while I was browsing ABLC

From the folks at Gritty Reboots.

Wouldn’t that be awesome as a full-length movie?


it is what it says it is

decently funnyDecently Funny with “Nuzzy” [on twitter] & “The Guy” [on twitter] is a podcast on the Sideshow Network. It is what it says, “Decently Funny.” If you like podcasts that don’t take themselves too seriously, that provide an hour or so of escapism, then you’ll dig this one.

“Decently Funny” is a weekly show where celebrities from all walks of life get interviewed by the boys right from Nuzzy’s Hollywood, CA apartment. These guests include actors, musicians, athletes, comedians, reality stars, pop culture icons, television writers and twitter personalities.

Its a Pop Culture that isn’t as vapid, or mindless, as a lot of other podcasts. Nuzzy and Guy are great interviewers, and manage to get their guests to talk about things they probably wouldn’t normally talk about. Also, with every show, you learn a little something– about the guests, about the hosts, about world history, or about the bathroom habits of famous people.

If I were to recommend one episode to get you started, it would be my favorite “Decently Funny” of all time, the Debra Wilson [IMDb] episode. She’s inspiring, hyper, and might be a little crazy.

Anyway, you can find “Decently Funny” in all the usual places; iTunes, Stitcher and at their website. Give it a listen, you’ll be hooked.

because its funny

Covering Your Tracks – 26

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, a cover parody of the Christmas classic “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.”

Merry Xmas everybody. Careful out there if your flying.

one cartoon character listens to another

its good to be a conservative

GOS diarist Grumpy Young Man tells us why he’s become a conservative. Here are a few reasons;

1. Being a conservative means I can be selfish and not feel bad about it.

2. Being a conservative means all the problems of the world can be attributed to liberals.

3. Being a conservative means I never have to acknowledge flaws in my philosophy.

4. Being a conservative means anything a Democrat does is bad.

5. Being a conservative means any bad thing I do is either justified or the work of somebody who isn’t really a true conservative anyway.

6. Being a conservative means I root for failure when it punishes a liberal and reward failure if it is profitable for fellow conservatives.

7. Being a true conservative means I’m more worried about protecting a definition than I am protecting the rights of Americans.

8. Being a conservative means I never have to try to solve any problems in the government because I insist government is the problem anyway.

9. Being a conservative means I lay off workers to boost profits then complain about lazy unemployed people.

10. Being conservative means I am staunchly pro-life and will put a bullet through the eyes of any liberal who challenges that.

There are 20 more reasons in his diary at DailyKos.