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tweet of the day – 04.09.14

I’m surprised his giant balls didn’t cause him to plummet to earth. His balls probably said, “Gravity? Fuck gravity.”

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blacklight burns

Get a blacklight, some florescent paint, some bodies and a camera, and you get awesome. I found these on my intertubings, and thought I’d share (some images both below and in links provided may be NSFW);

a series of nudes in body paint under black light. The look is striking and extremely colorful, and the results are unique. Intense colors and abstract patterns form an image that is primitive – even tribal – yet strangely futuristic.

Red Nets by Craven Angel photography

Redball by Craven Angel photography

Fans 2 by Craven Angel photography

Rise by Craven Angel photography

All images are by Craven Angel. See the rest of the Black Light Gallery at the link, as well as other galleries.