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facing forever art

click for whole package

*click for whole package

in a prior entry, i posted a couple of preliminary images of a cd package for a local band called Facing Forever. i recently finished it after a lot of Coca-Cola™ and time, and emails.

David, Sommer, if you’re reading this, hope your happy with the work, can’t wait to hear the music!

*note, the embiggened version is 1200×1200, the original is 4275×4275. :)

facing forever

facing forever cover

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Facing Forever is a band from my neck of the woods, namely Marlow OK. My son and I have the honor of doing the artwork for their debut release. The image above is the cover.

It may not be the final version, though [still waiting for the call David :)]. My son is primarily responsible for the logo. The rest was done by me, using photoshop and a picture of vocalist Sommer.

We haven’t ironed out the rest of the trifold artwork yet, but we have the disc image:

disc image

click to embiggen

I’ll post a follow-up when the entire package is done. In the meantime, go visit Facing Forever’s reverbnation and/or facebook pages and enjoy some beautiful acoustic covers.

And, call me, David! :)

maybe i’ll catch fire

Two versions. This one:

1020x1360 - click to embiggen

Dove from Fairiegoodmother at deviantArt, Glass from the stock.xchng.

Or a sepia-ish one:

1020x1335 (original is 3000x4000) - click to embiggen


1680x1050 - click to embiggen

A picture of a B.C. Rich, and some time.

novacula acutus cura

700 × 1470 - Click to embiggen

Coffee, anxiety and some stock images. I get anxiety attacks, and my stomach feels like its filled with “butterflies” only these butterflies have razor-blade wings.

All stock from MorgueFile – [ razorthornsbutterfly (used for the body) ] The planet etc.. was done by me and the background is a public domain image from NASA.

adding.. from translators on teh webz, the title, I think, means “razor sharp anxiety.”
adding 01.23… changed it ’round a bit, did a little more work. I think its a bit better.

its not easy being a chameleon

click to embiggen - 1680x1050

Stock pics, Coca-Cola™ and no booze on new years eve.

Stock used – reptile and flowers, both from the stock.xchng.