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Hey, Watch This

I’m sure you know about the ‘Occupy’ protests that are happening all over the world. While I agree with the message(s) they are sending, and with what they are fighting for, I’m just hoping it transfers into the voting booth. I know it is a movement beyond party or the left/right political affiliation game, there is only one side of that axis that embraces and supports the movement. Anyway, here’s a great rant by Old Fart Rants. Watch it.

You can see more on the YouTube Channel.

A Shorter For Cons

Liberal/Democrat/Someone slightly left-of-center (hell, even someone reasonable that’s slightly right-of-center): “We need to tamp down the militaristic, violent rhetoric and bring civility back into our political discourse.”

TPer/Crazy Conservative: “You might be right, but if you don’t stop saying it, you commie, I’m gonna kill you.”

The typical reaction from the right when their militaristic, violent rhetoric is pointed out to them is not introspection, reflection or even the slightest hint of admission that maybe everyone telling them to tone it the fuck down may be right. No, its a doubling down, a “reloading,” if you will, of the same tired, violent gun-fetishing rhetoric they’ve been spewing for 30 years, and to crawl up on a cross.

Fuck them.

What if the Teabaggers Get What They Want

From a diary over at the GOS, the diarist responds to a typical “the government is evil!” “sure I received government benefits, but I felt bad and I deserved ’em!” teabagger. It is fabulous;

Let’s say that you make 40,000 dollars a year now. But your take home pay is only 30,000 dollars. Your employer knows that he doesn’t have to pay the federal government those nasty taxes anymore, but he also knows that you’ve been willing to come to work every day for a 30,000 dollar take-home amount. Guess who’s getting a pay decrease down to 30k a year? You are. The taxes are gone, did you really think that your employer wouldn’t choose to benefit from that first?

So now you make the same amount as before, but there’s no money going to social security anymore. The same amount of money you lived on before now has to get you beyond retirement.

Your 401k is gone too. The company that manages it has wiped the accounts dry. Who’s going to stop them from doing that now that the federal regulators have all been fired?

Perhaps you’d better start saving 10 percent of your paycheck for future retirement plans? Whoops, can’t do that. The FDIC doesn’t exist, so the banks have all been cleaned out. So have the accounts you used to have money in. Your consumer protections are gone, and the person nearest to the vault with a key is now racing towards Bermuda with sacks of your money.

We didn’t really want all those nasty regulations on the banks anyway, did we?

OK, so you can handle this. You don’t need help. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, right?

You’ll be OK, I’m sure of it. But your kids are hungry, so you’d better go to the store to get groceries. Be careful with the meat and the produce departments, though. Sometime last month, the farmer realized that his farm subsidies were gone and he’s gotta cut corners to survive, not to mention raising his prices. In the cutting of the corners, he stopped feeding his cattle clean food. Now those cows are all sick and their meat is packaged up nice for you to buy and feed to your kids.

There’s no FDA and no USDA to monitor the food your farmer provides to the grocery store, so you’re on your own.

Oh and by the way, the ground beef that will be in your digestive system soon just cost you double what it used to, if you’re lucky. Price controls have been dissolved altogether.

When your family gets sick from that tainted meat, you’ll have to rush them to the hospital. Pray that their illness has already been given a cure, because the Centers For Disease Control no longer can help your local hospital identify any viruses.

There’s more in this response to a teabagger at the link.

They rarely think of the myriad things in their everyday life the government does to protect them. That’s what taxes are for. They are the price we pay to live in a civilized society.

They’re all Sybil

A comment over at tbogg‘s place sums up the Tea Party/GOP alliance rather nicely.

Arguing about what “The Republicans” should learn from “The Tea Party” is like arguing about what Sybil’s quite, bookish personality should learn from her more visibly crazy, violent one.

No matter how many little clumps of dupes FOX and Glenn Beck can generate to stand around with signs, it’s all just Sally Field using different voices.

Bolding mine. With all apologies to the lovely, talented Sally Field. :)

brawndo – its got electrolytes

“I learned all that really matters about the Muslim faith on 9/11” – the Onion

“I learned all I needed to know about Islam on 9/11.” — Some Beckerhead in this video of participant in Becks “whitestock” rally.

The Onion is supposed to be satire. Hard to satire real ignorance, though.

america, fvck yeah

So, other than arson, more arson, bricks through windows, vandalism, people pissing on their prayer mats and a pipe bomb, Muslims are being treated well here.

Ahhh, what a country. Really, though, these Muslims should have more sensitivity and not build their houses of worship 2 blocks 800 miles 3000 miles from ground zero in the United States.

Thanks Liz, Sarah and Newt for Keeping America Safe Scared!