Trains and Graffiti

Growing up in Galesburg, IL, the second largest classification yard in the US, I have been fascinated with train graffiti. So here are some trains and train graffiti photos I snapped. I am going to start hauling the gear around with me everywhere. Hopefully the result will be me getting better, and you getting neat photos.

Here is some more trainyard cool via the Remember Galesburg Facebook page.

Top Albums March 8 – March 14 2021

  1. Stabbing Westward – Dead and Gone (10)
  2. Blitzkrieg – Ten (7)
  3. Stabbing Westward – Ungod (7)
  4. Apartment 26 – Music for the Massive (6)
  5. Metallica – Death Magnetic (5)

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Siege Album the latest release by the Industrial/Djent Metal band Mechina. It is a fucking masterpiece of modern industrial metal. As released, it also serves as a blueprint of sorts for creating massive, layered sound. SIEGE comes with three releases; [core], [instrumental], and finally, the full release.

Having not heard of the band, or any of its music before I heard SIEGE, I found the band on bandcamp, and it seems they split most of their releases in threes. A thing I find awesome. A glimpse into the sausage making process, as it were.

I can’t speak to any of the other releases as I haven’t listened to them. On SIEGE, I can say that it is an incredible listen. Starting with the [core] release– it is what it says; the core. The keel around which the rest was of the ship is built. And it is a solid foundation. Adding bells and whistles gets you the instrumental version. It is starting to look like a formidable ship. Adding vocals reveals the full beauty of what SIEGE is.

The final release is ethereal vocals sailing above a mountain of guitars and a deep, verdant valley of low end awesome. But do they sound all that different, the three versions? Indeed. Here are the three version of one of my fave tracks, “Shock Doctrine.”

The [core];

The [instrumental];

The Full Monty;

See how it builds? Gaining more and more mass until it threatens to collapse under its own weight. Very heavy is what I’m saying. The vocals tame the volatility a bit, settling the album’s orbit around the Star Metal.

You can find SIEGE and all other Mechina releases at bandcamp. Put this album in your ears, and give the ole brain a back -n- forth workout. Mind the height, though, it is a long way down to that valley.

Covering Your Tracks – 50

Pinging off of the previous CYT, wherein someone LARP’d Rammstein covering a Metallica song. In this one, it is an actual someone claiming it is Rammstein covering Metallica’s “Sad But True.” Surprise! It isn’t Rammstein. It is a band called In Strict Confidence.

It completely upends the original. Rammstein’s In Strict Confidence’s version is a different song entirely. It does, however, use English lyrics. It is a cross between the iconic Rammstein German industrial sound, and a rave dance track. Here’s the cover;

So different, right? It may not be Rammstein, as sold over and over on cover collections, and on Youtube, but it is, nevertheless, a cover.