Break Out The Battle Tapes an album by the band Wired All Wrong. Some brief info on the band (2 guys, basically);

Wired All Wrong is a nu metal band formed by musician/producers Matt Mahaffey of Self and Jeff Turzo previously of God Lives Underwater. The two have been longtime friends since a mix-up of their bands on MTV. Partly due to the unfortunate deaths of David Reilly from GLU and Mike Mahaffey from Self, Matt and Jeff were able to shift their attention away from their other bands. Their debut album, Break out the Battle Tapes, came out on September 12, 2006.


I came by this album completely by accident. I have been into Industrial (and industrial-ish) music lately. In my quest to find lesser known bands, and their music, I discovered some real good stuff. Some of which I will speak to in later posts. One of the best albums I’ve discovered thus far was this one. Break Out the Battle Tapes is fucking incredible. Tragically underrated.

In checking out the band, searching for music (there is none. BOtBT is it), I came across some contemporaneous reviews that were less than kind. I imagine it had more to do with when it was released than anything else. It is a wholly different type of music than what was popular at the time. In this listeners opinion, at the time of its release, BOtBT was, I want to say ‘ahead of its time,’ but that wouldn’t do it justice. It is out of time, music that glides above time, catching bits and pieces and combining them into a blender full of genres.

Imagine being at a party and there are, like, 9 people playing different songs, from different genres, and somehow, through whatever means, it gelatinizes into a single, fully-realized song. A little 90s nu-metal, a dash of industrial, a pinch of 80s soft rock, a few grains of new wave, and you’ve got a recipe that, in the hands of the right chef(s), turn out some fantastic, tasty music.

If an eclectic mix of sounds, styles, genres is your thing, this album will not disappoint. It is just a shame that we didn’t get any more Wired All Wrong music.

Enjoy Break Out the Battle Tapes;