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one and done, 2

ond-keddahOne thing that’s always fascinated me about some records is the fact that a few individuals, each bringing something uniquely their own, get together to create something magical. Such is the case with the band keddaH’s 2004 release al’keme. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot of info on the band on the internets save for a myspace tribute page, and a very brief page at Encyclopaedia Metallum.

But these guys got together in the Arizona desert (probably), threw in bits and pieces of themselves, and created what, to me, is a brilliant album. I know that’s how almost all music is made, by groups of individuals. But al’keme is something special. The music is dense. There’s a lot to hear. I’ve listened to al’keme probably a hundred times, and still hear new things; a guitar riff I missed before, a drum fill, a vocal intonation, etc.. This music is not made, it is crafted. By very talented craftsmen.

Now, my love of this album is admittedly a result of life events when I first heard it. I was going through some tough times, and my mood was generally not good. That Encyclopaedia Metallum page lists the band’s lyrical theme(s) as “life” (that’s not too broad at all). No, this album is righteous anger is musical form. Social commentary, weariness of being fed meaningless, cliched advice, and “leave-me-the-fuck-alone” are the main points being made, I think. That’s why it caught my ear, anyway. Because I was angry, it moved me, helped me deal with what was happening in my life at the time. Even now it gives me chills, not because I’m angry any longer, but because it is finely crafted music. I’m glad they made al’keme, I just wish it wasn’t the only one.

Shove these in your ears, increase volume, and possibly praise some invisible hand that may have pushed these guys to make this music.
[ Symbiotic | 04:39 | 4.34mb | mp3 ]

[ So Called | 05:08 | 4.78mb | mp3 ]

 KeddaH – Al’Keme:
keddah - al'keme 01. The Hallmark
02. You Lied (Live, Peach Cover)
03. Inevitable
04. Escape
05. Symbiotic
06. Telekenisis
07. So Called
08. Today
09. The River
10. Nothing
11. DisEmpower

[these are all the songs I have, whether or not it is the whole album, I don’t know. It has all the GooglePlay Music version tracks, sans the less-than-a-minute fillers, plus the Peach cover..]
[get it]


Atmospheric Ascension

…is a band from my part of Oklahoma. I’ve been doing a little work on the band’s behalf.

I worked for the band in their previous incarnation as Aslan, including a cd cover package. After the last cover, the band decided to go in a different direction, and to a different artist. Since then the original band, Aslan, disbanded due to, I’m guessing, personality conflicts. The force behind the band, David, also got married and now his wife, Sommer, is the lead singer of the new band; Atmospheric Ascension.

The band has solidified its line-up, and is back to making incredible music. David is a mastermind, and the band’s music is complex progressive metal with a spiritual/sci-fi bent. They are currently in the studio recording material for a debut Atmospheric Ascension album.

Here’s a little taste, the featured track from their site, and I can’t wait until there’s more. Perhaps they’ll commission me to do the artwork for the new release. :)

[ Dream Before Sleeping (demo) | 06:34 | 9.3mb | mp3 ]

You can find the band in all the usual places; facebook, reverbnation and PureVolume. You can also find them today at the OKC Festival of the Arts, and on May 6th at the Bora Bora in OKC. If you happen to live in Oklahoma, or within driving distance, go, visit, and show some love.

Free Music Good..

..good music free is even better. I’ve posted about a couple of bands on this blog that offer some of their music for free; Dramatic Sin‘s first two eps are available free from Jamendo, Another Vertigo Rush who offers their album Murphy’s Law for download, and Battling Delirium offers 2 albums free as well (after a quick signup).

I thought I’d let you know of a couple more artists who have music to share for free;

Kieth Merrow, technical metal guitar wizard, who just released his third album Awaken the Stone King (which I’ll be posting on shortly), offers his first two releases, Lonestar Transcend and The Arrival gratis. Just hit the downloads page and scroll down.

Another generous artist, Joseph Kenyon, the genius behind Runined Machines furnishes all his tunes for love and no money. Just hit the Music link and click Download Now.

These are great artists who do what they do for the love of music, and present their art for no charge because they want to spread that love. If they decide to start charging, and who can begrudge them that, then they’ve a built in fanbase ready to buy. In the meantime, though, thanks awesome musicians for the great music.

Anyway, go, grab this great music whilst its still free. :)


For those of you finding your way here via Tetrafusion’s Facebook wall, I thought I’d toss up a taste of the band mentioned in the wall post, and in my post re: Tetrafusion’s Altered State.

The band mentioned is Clockhammer, and you can find info on them at their hippie commune page, or at their MySpace page.

The track below, “Greying Out,” is the opening track of the band’s second, and by far best, release, Klinefelter.

Enjoy. :)
[ Clockhammer – Greying Out | 04:53 | 7.23mb | mp3 ]

in addition… Thanks to Tetrafusion for the link and the mention, and for Altered State.

Tetrafusion – Altered State

A few years ago on another blog I wrote a review of a band called Clockhammer. Clockhammer were a jazz/progressive rock/metal fusion band. Recently I had the pleasure of finding a band called Tetrafusion. “Tetrafusion is a Louisiana-based progressive metal band[.]” While they are primarily listed around the interwebz as a Progressive Metal band, I prefer to call ’em more jazz/metal fusion, similar to Clockhammer.

On Tetrafusion’s Formspring page, I asked if they’d heard of Clockhammer, and if the band had any influence on their sound. The answer was;

I’ve never heard of them, so doubt it. :P

The similarities are uncanny, however, especially on the first track from Tetrafusion’s 2010 release Altered State. Regardless of whether Clockhammer had any influence on Tetrafusion, the music of Altered State is extraordinary. The opening riff of the first track, “Collage of the Present,” pulls you in, and from that point on its just jaw-dropping musical craftsmanship.

Seamless transitions from progressive metal, to jazzy piano/guitar interludes, from crisp, clean guitar solos, to slices of distortion-laden guitars, and on to orchestral respites, Altered State is a testament to what can be accomplished when crafting music.

If you are a fan of progressive rock/metal, metal/jazz-fusion, experimental rock, or, really, any music that stretches the boundaries of myriad genres, then Tetrafusion’s Altered State is for you.

1. Collage of the Present 9:42 **
2. Monologue 4:45
3. Last Chance 5:28
4. The Deserter 6:55
5. Altered State 5:08
6. Shadows 6:01
7. Tears of the Past 12:39

As always, a taste;
[ Collage of the Present | 09:41 | 13.4mb | mp3 ]

Pinkroom – Psychosolstice

Pinkroom is a progressive rock band from Poland. Psychosolstice is the band’s 2009 release. If one were to compare Pinkroom to another band for reference, it would have to be Porcupine Tree (with a Polish accent).

Pinkroom’s Psychosolstice is a fantastic release. It is a lush soundscape with rolling hills of percussion, dense, waving fields of guitars, thick, bassline trees, and a clear sky with occasional puffy clouds of vocals. As you wander through this soundscape, you will hear odd, distant sounds- brass birds, footsteps, and more. Each time you start the 56 minute journey through, you’ll hear something new, especially if make sure to look under things, around things, through things.

Pretentious descriptive aside, this is a really strong album. Not real heavy, but parts heavier than others, it is mostly a mellow, daedal listen, and despite minor mistakes in language, which is no big deal considering, the whole thing flows together very, very nicely. Well worth the 56 minute listen. Well worth many 56 minute listens even.

Here’s a 5 minute or so taste;
[ Buried Hopes | 05:24 | 9mb | mp3 ]